A look back at the first 3D concert

KISS-3D-1Before Hologram Tupac amazed Coachella audiences in 2012, KISS (yes, KISS) was wowing crowds with high-tech performances.

On October 31, 1998, KISS opened their Psycho Circus World Tour at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The tour was the first in history to have 3D visual effects.

Shelly Holmes, who attended the Los Angeles concert back in 1998, recalled the event.

According to Holmes, the crowd was abuzz over the novelty of the 3D glasses handed out at the door. Holmes took a pair and saw giant blow-up figures, each representing a member of the band, placed inside the stadium. The crowd’s excitement grew – as did their expectations.

Although the Psycho Circus Tour was advertised as a circus, the Los Angeles concert was the only tour stop at which circus performers acted as pre-show entertainment.

The stage was hidden by a large curtain before the beginning of the concert, and when it opened to reveal the band, the fans sounded an uproarious ovation. Meanwhile, loud detonations filled the air, and a constellation of fireworks shone explosively in the altitudes. By virtue of the glasses, the audience saw the band as if they were within reach. As usual, they were wearing destroyer outfits.

KISS-3D-2During the concert, many special effects and stunts were executed. During “Love Gun”, Paul Stanley oscillated over the crowd on a swing. For Holmes, it seemed dangerous. “I feared that he was going to slip down,” she said. Ace Frehley, meanwhile, expelled fireworks from his guitar after each solo. At first, he couldn’t get his guitar to smoke, and when it finally did, he announced, “I think we had a little trouble with that one because it was too young to smoke.”

“Everybody laughed out loud,” Holmes said.

KISS continued their historic tour throughout the U.S. during November and December, then took a break before playing in Europe from late February to early April 1999.

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