Mise en Scene chats their favourite festival, their new record and what they’re listening to now

MiseEnScene-1Now, after a long summer filled to the brim with tour after tour, Winnipeg trio Mise en Scene has the time they want to record their sophomore album. They also took a few moments to chat about that album, those tours and playing the festival circuit.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): How was the writing and recording process different from Desire’s Despair?

Mise en Scene: A lot of thought, planning, and effort went into this record before being in the studio. We had a very clear vision of what we wanted the record to sound like, look like, and feel like before going in. Our first record was made with four great producers who we have learned a lot from, but for this one we chose to work with one person who was with us the whole way through, like a fourth band member. We also worked in a more relaxed setting, that was super inspiring and felt like home. Because we had such a clear vision for this record, we had to find the perfect person to record with so that was a bit of a process in itself, shout out to NASH, you rule.


RMM: Your live show is always so effortlessly full of energy. How do you tap into that space? And how do you transfer that energy to the studio?

Mise en Scene: The studio for us can be just as exciting as the live show, if you make it that way. We know when to call it quits and to come back at a different time if something is not translating well. It has always been super important for us to capture that live energy, and in order to do that we had to work in a space/setting that allowed us to take a break if we needed, and to just have a drink outside and relax for a bit. The time crunch of a super fancy studio booked by the hour can be quite intimidating; we needed the freedom to work on our own time and by our own rules.


RMM: You guys had a great year on the festival circuit – from SXSW to NXNE. How was the experience for you?

MiseEnScene-3Mise en Scene: The experience was unreal, we love playing festivals!! The shows are always great, traveling is so much fun, you get to meet a lot of amazing musicians and friends, you get to see all of your favourite bands and you get to discover all of your new favourite bands.


RMM: What was your favourite festival to play and why?

Mise en Scene: SXSW is always really fun! Two years ago we saw the kid from Home Alone play Velvet Underground pizza songs [Editor’s Note: Macauley Culkin’s band is called Pizza Underground] and got matching tattoos. This past year we stayed in a trailer that was parked in someone’s yard, went to a party in a furniture shop, and saw a live band play on a party bus. Primavera Sound in Barcelona was also amazing. We played right by the sea on this huge stage with more fog than you could EVER imagine, and then afterward walked about 50 feet and saw our heroes Arcade Fire play for two hours.


RMM: Who are you listening to right now?

Mise en Scene: Deerhunter, Thee Oh Sees, Mac Demarco, Courtney Barnett, Tame Impala, Future Islands, WAVVES, Real Estate, The Velvet Underground, FIDLAR


RMM: What’s next for Mise en Scene?

Mise en Scene: Gettin’ this album out!!! More touring!

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