Lia Ices takes her career to the next level with ‘Higher’

Coming out with a futuristic purr, Lia Ices’ experimental pop hit, ‘Higher’ was released earlier this year and continues to makes its rounds around the internet. Jagjauwar, the indie rock label Lia Ices and other good indie bands are associated with, calls the album a “celebration of flight, levity, and the conviction that you can leave earth”.

LiaIces-HigherIt’s a lofty tune that carries this song filled with perfectly synthesized snaps and beats echoing in this in-depth track. The song is another tune in a modern movement, using synthetics as the prime mover to generating a feeling. It’s a great listen for those who enjoy abstract music or are looking for something just a bit different from the blitzy mainstream pop music blasting over the radio – there’s something more poetic to ‘Higher’.

It’s pretty accurate to describe this kind of music as an “out-of-body experience,” another way Jagjaguwar explained its charm. If you’re looking for something modern and experimental, you should look no further than the Samuel Proffitt remix of Lia Ices’ track.

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