Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie :: ‘Keep On Keeping On’

Travie“You gotta keep on keeping on / Even with the feeling / that you’re gonna keep losing / You gotta come back strong…”

Travie McCoy’s latest single, ‘Keep On Keeping On’, recounts the ever-told tale of the young boy with high hopes, beaten down by those around him, only to come into success through determination; becoming the man he always dreamed to be, and whom others had little faith n him becoming.

Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco gives the track its spark and sets off a powder keg of energy, spurring the listener on to not only keep on through the song but, inspirationally, to keep on in life, in spite of the perhaps daunting odds.

The video follows a young Travie, trudging through the world, discovering music alone, aiming for the heavens; becoming his own guardian angel to ensure him and his family a better life.

Travie2Shuffling “towards something more”, young Travie cuts a demo tape, ready to kick off a lucrative career, spreading his wings (literally), to hit new heights and become the man his is today.

Great moments of music-pull really help to accentuate the lyrics of the chorus; Travie’s constant mantra, and the introduction, from lonely piano, back to thumping bass kick, really brings the song to a truly deserved climax.

The steady beat, catchy chorus, and searing guitar solo encapsulate this coming-of-age story in a dazzlingly engaging way, and McCoy and Urie dance along, pounding to the beat, sharing all of the fun and fame with those fans looking to spread their wings and fly for the stars.

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