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Music can make or break a movie – there’s no question there. But what about movies where music takes centre stage? Music movies draw us in and reignite a passion for sound.

Here’s our Top 5 list of the best music movies.


5 – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If you haven’t seen this the cult classic, I suggest you find a local theatre that offers midnight showings, and go watch it there. RHPS is best when it’s viewed with full audience partici….


Anyway. The film version features a slew of heavyweights, Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry most notably, as well as Meatloaf. The musical numbers are fun and catchy, and the film as a whole is a quirky and enjoyable watch from start to finish.


4 – This is Spinal Tap

The best part of this film just might be the fact that Eddie Van Halen once said: “Everything in that movie happened to me.”

The mock rock doc is so hilarious for its faux seriousness, and will continue to be quoted for years and years to come. Don’t agree? Put it up to eleven… and try to prove me wrong.


3 – The Blues Brothers 

Dan Aykroyd. John Belushi. I shouldn’t need to say anymore to convince you that this is an amazing movie.

Add the fact that it’s a spin-off from the wildly popular Saturday Night Live skit, and you should basically be sold. But if you’re still on the fence, just know that the movie includes a bunch of R&B, soul and blues music, and a bunch of musical superstar cameos, like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and James Brown, among others.


2 – Almost Famous

Before you even say it, I know what you’re thinking: how on earth could Almost Famous only be number two?! The Cameron Crowe classic, which is partly autobiographical, stars everyone from the ethereal Kate Hudson as Band-Aid leader Penny Lane, to Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the uncompromising Lester Bangs. It is the quintessential music movie.

But it’s an easy choice – and a very, very, very close second…


1 – Wayne’s World

Didn’t see that coming? Or maybe you did. Sure, Wayne’s World likely isn’t the first film that comes to mind when you think “music movie”, but it actually gets a lot closer to the real deal than a lot of other movies. Plus, Mike Myers.

Tia Carrera’s Cassandra endures the same struggles that many female musicians do: over-sexualization, struggling not to sell out, dealing with a sleazy management team. (Wayne and Garth, unfortunately, do succumb to the pressures of product placement).

If you still can’t see it, go watch this classic again. If for no other reason than to hear Cassandra really wail.


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