to.night‘s announcement

200907tonightIf you find yourself in Toronto on a Tuesday afternoon, you’re in for a treat.

Pick up an issue of to.night (that black and yellow newspaper/magazine hybrid) and flip over a few pages. You might see some familiar names.

Raz Mataz has partnered with to.night to bring you another way of enjoying our reviews, interviews, features and more.

Each and every Tuesday – and for the last couple of Tuesdays, too – to.night will feature two new articles about two new and amazing musicians who you should be listening to.

If you can’t get enough of us from one measly page, fear not – we’ll still be right here, uncovering and promoting the amazing independent artists that this great country has to offer.

You can read past issues of Raz Mataz in to.night here.

If you’re a music lover who loves to write and you want to be part of our team, click here. And if you’re a musician and you think we need to hear your music, click here.

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