The Weeknd :: ‘Often’

Weeknd-OftenToronto’s own The Weeknd quietly released a new track last week, though the song hardly passed without notice.

The track opens with the same industrial noise we’re used to, though it’s paired with what sounds like church organs – funny since the song’s content is hardly church friendly. Indeed, the Weeknd sings about what he knows best: excessive sex.

Lyrics like “Often, often / Girl I do this often / Make that pussy pop / Do it how I want it / Often, often” paint quite the explicit picture, but the Weeknd’s smokey vocals and smooth R & B sound reigns in the raunch, making for a track that even your mom would love (as long as she doesn’t listen to the lyrics too carefully).

Those amazing vocals layer over pitchy echoes while the instrumentals work to gently pull the track along, swelling and dipping and dropping with the mood.

The Weeknd last released new music with 2013’s Kiss Land, which featured dynamic industrial tones. ‘Often’ carries on down that exciting line, though the artist didn’t offer much commentary upon the track’s release.

Is he teasing a new album? We hope so. Or was he just bored? That’s fine, too.

All that matters is that our ears can feast on a great song from a great musician.

For more on the Weeknd, visit his website.


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