The Weather Station :: ‘What Am I Going To Do (With Everything I Know)’

WeatherStation-WhatAmIGoingToDo‘What Am I Going To Do (With Everything I Know)’ is the title track of the upcoming release by The Weather Station, the musical embodiment of singer/songwriter Tamara Lindeman. The song offers a biographical account of a seemingly disappointing revelation, and the subsequent moments shared between two people. Lindeman intimately whispers “We did nothing at all / Like a maple key graceful in mid-fall” and laments that “staring at you felt like staring out a window”. The lyrics are well crafted and ambiguous at times, inviting the listener to dig deeper into the story that is being weaved.

The song structure and instrumentation act as a simple and stark backdrop to Lindeman’s vocals. The harmonies during the chorus intertwine seamlessly in a unified ghostly timbre, which contributes to the melancholy mood of this offering. The song is a brief two and a half minutes long, which is a testament to the Weather Station’s lean approach to songwriting on this track. Even the vocals are simple and modest. There is an overall sense that the songwriter has deliberately discarded any frivolous elements that might obstruct the storytelling.

The Weather Station is currently touring North America. You can pre-order the six-song EP now at

What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know is available October 14.



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