The Royal Streets :: Kings & Queen

TheRoyalStreets-Kings&QueenFor a band that had no immediate interest in coming together musically, Waterloo, Ont.,’s, The Royal Streets have a pretty cohesive and smooth sound. With a set an upcoming set at Toronto’s NXNE, their debut album, Kings & Queen, which is filled with easy guitar rhythms and sweet, quick- paced vocals, has already proven to be the perfect soundtrack for this summer.

The Royal Streets offer a simple sound with complex lyrical structures while incorporating woodsy folk rock with flower-power endearment. Described as indie folk rock, Kings & Queen is a collection of easy listening tracks that range from timeless ’60s folk with its musical simplicity to light blues with a modern edge.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Algernon Friolet has a sort of infectious voice that manages to fuse confidence and fragility, while Jillian Dowding’s female touch compliments the band’s sound just enough to resemble an avant-garde Peter, Paul, and Mary.  

TheRoyalStreetsStandout tracks include Kings & Queen‘s opener ‘Bass Clap’, with only faint traces of Dowding’s vocals that still manage to promote a placid and likeable introduction to the  album.

‘Roller Coaster’ offers a more blues-inspired sound, with lazy guitar strums and a pretty sexy vocal performance from Friolet.  Rock power ballad, ‘Ocean Toes’ begins easy and tranquil before charging into the chorus’ heavy guitar rhythms all the while showing immediately the necessity of Dowding and her femininity.

Personal favourite, ‘Hoes in Mexico’, ends the album on a more upbeat note: with quick paced guitars and drums, feel good lyrics and Friolet’s charming vocals.


The Royal Streets’ Kings & Queen is currently available on iTunes, as well as their BandCamp.

Check out The Royal Streets’ website for current updates and touring info!

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