The Roseville Band at Canadian Music Week 2014

RosevilleBand-2There were several times (literally, at least seven) during their soundcheck that I thought The Roseville Band had started with set at Rancho Relaxo. That’s just how good they are: that a warm-up can sound better than most groups’ actual performances.

The Welsh foursome are the whole package – they have the look and the sound and the talent, and it all wraps up nicely into a perfect performance.

That performance opened with ‘Temper’, the title track off their latest album; if you thought the recorded song was amazing, you haven’t heard anything yet.

They pound out one amazing song after another, blending the poppies of ’60s brit rock and an indie earnestness, with reverb-heavy guitars and loads of distortion in all its beauty.

RosevilleBand-1Take ‘Cigarettes’. The song is more garagey, with soaring bass, never-stop symbols and a gloriously distorted electric guitars. Impossibly catchy lyrics – “Cigarettes cigarettes / I don’t wanna live like that” – had the whole crowd singing along.

To call their set phenomenal would be to do the band a disservice. What I can tell you is that it amplifies everything you love about the group from their albums: the soaring guitar riffs, the strong drums, the leading bass lines, he gloriously nasal vocals. . . and adds an amazing energy. Each member moved around the stage, commanding your attention.

The Roseville Band brings us back to an era when rock was rock – and these guys rock.

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