The Pitastro

ThePitastro-1Finding out about new music is one of my favourite hobbies; so finding about The Pitastro was quite exciting for me. The reggae-vibe is enough to get anyone’s feet moving and the rock/reggae mash was an extremely original and refreshing listen for me – having never heard of such a unique clash music genres. In addition, the mellow rasp of lead singer Marco Roth’s voice blends perfectly with the music – each element coming together to make an amazing sound. The video for ‘Mr. Myssy Man’ has over 17,000 views on YouTube since the original postdate in February 2013; watch that video here.

The Pitastro originated in Sweden in May 2010 and played their first official gig as a band in June 2010. The band describes their unique sound as funk-rock with a touch of reggae – which is a very accurate description of the genre that the band would be categorized under. Audiences around the world have said that The Pitastro has a sound that is similar to that of reggae legend Bob Marley: a groovy bass line, and a positive message behind the songs, and, based on the YouTube comments underneath the video for ‘Mr. Myssy Man’, the audience feels the same way that I do about The Pitastro.

ThePitastro-2The songs ‘Mr. Myssy Man’ and ‘LIFE’ reminded me of being on a warm beach with a coconut drink in hand, and I found that The Pitastro’s songs were extremely easy to listen to because it was almost effortless to fall in love with the beat.

The four-man band continues to tour around Sweden, as well as various venues around Europe. Be sure to check out “The Ultimate Rock/Reggae Band” on Facebook and subscribe to the band on YouTube.


And now, Ladies and Gentleman, I Introduce you to. . . The Pitastro.



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