The Pinecones :: ‘Gloomy Monday’

ThePinecones-GloomyMondayFrom 2006 to 2012, before the rumours Wal-Mart construction began, Kensington Market had a music-and-art community hub called Reel Cod.

Reel Cod moved, but the label currently has 15 amazing artists and they are engaged in continuous activity for good music.

As one of those proud artists, The Pinecones released their third album Ooh! and are now presently working on their fourth. As you would sense from their series of artistic and somewhat nostalgic pop album covers, this power pop group plays upbeat melodies, harmonies, and what they describe as “mega-hooks”. Every generation can be entertained by their music.

The Toronto trio – consisting of Brent Randall, Paul Linklater and Marshall Bureau – recently took on a new and challenging project: collaborating with a sixth grade class to create the new music video for the kick-off track to their acclaimed album, titled ‘Gloomy Monday’.

The video concept was expedited by the sixth grade teacher who brought the song to his class and worked with the students to brainstorm elaborate storyboard scenes. The resulting clip tells the story of a group of students, unfamiliar with vinyl records, trying to figure out how to listen to the album. Ultimately, their teacher shows them how and the class erupts in a charming dance scene, which the students choreographed themselves. To mimic the album art, each student designed and constructed vintage audio “heads” to wear in the final scene.

ThePinecones-OohThis video is actually truly captivating. It reminds you of your childhood, but more than that. Watching those kids trying to figure out what the vinyl record is for is like watching kids who are just exploring adulthood. It is absolutely adorable to see those children on screen with ‘Gloomy Monday’; yet at the same time, I am worried that some generations might try to insert earphones directly into vinyl just like these kids did.

Southern Ontario-based visual artist Colin Medley directed this video. You’ll recognize his name from the short film, This Is Now Here. Like his short films, his music video style is also known for being full of hearty humanity and humorous stories. Medley is good at catching up with the human expressions that makes the audience feel a sense of affinity with artists – and those low-fi nostalgic cuts that we love.

His specialty is particularly revealing in this video. Like the song itself, the video will entertain and warm up your heart.

For more on The Pinecones, visit their BandCamp, Facebook and Twitter pages.



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