The Mouth of Ghosts :: You Will Go Away From Me

TheMouthOfGhosts-YouWillGoAgainFromMeFor those looking what to listen to next, I have the answer: London-based band Mouth of Ghosts. In particular, their latest EP, You Will Go Again From Me.

Atmosphere is the operative word on this album. Moody, and at times even menacing, this album certainly makes an impression. Blending trip-hop and alt-rock together into a very effective package, You Will Go Again From Me is most certainly an album you shouldn’t miss. Lead singer Alla Seydalieva’s voice is a cool, sultry, smooth force to be reckoned with, holding together many of the songs.

In ways, the EP sounds quite similar to a classic Portishead record. However Mouth of Ghosts have their own, unique sound, and it’s clear that they own it completely.

But what better way to get an idea of what these guys sound like than to dive right in?

TheMouthOfGhosts-1‘Winter Song’ starts off the album, and it one hell of a track. Reverb-filled guitars, muted string, and haunting vocals perfectly evoke a sense of wintry bleakness that goes waaaaay beyond the meteorological. Around the one-minute-and-four-seconds mark, a subdued synth ostinato joins in the background, further cementing the feeling of stark bleakness. That’s not to say that things are completely hopeless. Right around the halfway mark of the track (two minutes and twelve seconds), Seydalieva’s vocals blossom upwards  and outwards into an uplifting burst of optimism (deeply, and darkly moody optimism).

You get the feeling that, yeah things are pretty hopeless, but there’s always a chance they could get better. This, in my opinion, makes this track worth listening to.

TheMouthOfGhosts-2‘Wrong’ is up next, and it feels oh so right. If you thought ‘Winter Song’ was the moodiest track on the album, you would be dead wrong. Everything from the grungy, muted guitars and shuffling beat, to the vaguely menacing synth noodlings in the background, this track practically screams noir style. The driving idea behind this track is misunderstanding. Basically, what we have here is a failure to communicate. It’s not, however, communication in the conventional sense, nor an argument between two people, but rather one person’s failure to see him or herself for who he or she is. The track has a strong and surprisingly deep message of self-worth. Lyrics like, “You’re always sad because you think / You’re nothing special, will you please / Open you eyes, you’re wrong” give the sense that it’s meant to be taken as an encouragement, albeit, one accompanied by an almost dirge-like melody.

‘Right On Time‘ steps things up a bit. It might start out dirge-y (well, it is a word now) like any other song on the album, but around the thirty-second mark the drums and guitars kick in and start moving the song along at a faster clip. Sexy, somewhat flirty (in a sort of antisocial, surly kind of way), this song sees Seydalieva probe the limits of her vocal and tonal range, bringing some pretty impressive melodic peaks, and sultry valleys. There’s also an element of playfulness on this track, that might seem surprising on an album that has a decidedly Leonard Cohen-esque vibe.

He’s quietly judging your musical choices. He doesn't approve.

He’s quietly judging your musical choices. He doesn’t approve.

‘You Will Go‘ rounds off the album, and it’s easily one of the best tracks on here. For whatever reason that I shall never know, I could very easily imagine this song as the intro music for a James Bond movie. It’s quite cinematic, and you really get the feeling that it’s more than a song; it’s a journey. The instrumentation is much more subdued that on the other tracks, exchanging sultry grunge for a more symphonic and very eloquent tone. Seydalieva is quite frankly amazing on this track. Hauntingly, almost despairingly, tender and with a definite tinge of heartbreak, her voice is what really sells the song. The backing synths and strings, coupled with a march-like beat give this track a feeling of definitiveness that is concomitantly gorgeous, and deeply melancholy.

You Will Go Again From Me gets four puppies out of five, and my official recommendation.

This picture got me through most of this season’s Walking Dead episodes.

This picture got me through most of this season’s Walking Dead episodes.

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