The Misadventures of Mini Brian :: Tales from the Road, Part 5

Day 5

We have arrived in Moncton, New Brunswick, for our show at Plan B tonight.

Frankly, there isn’t much to write about – with Mini Brian missing (presumed sexually active), things have been a lot less tumultuous.

We mostly enjoy casual conversation, and appreciate the awe-inspiring landscapes that race past our windows as we trundle along.

Today, I am happy.

One of my favourite photos from the tour

One of my favourite photos from the tour


Day 5 (continued…)

What a great night.

We’re about to head to the after-party with one of the other bands to celebrate – finally, things seem to be working out for us!

And a beautiful full moon to light the way for us and our new friends.

And a beautiful full moon to light the way for us and our new friends.


Day 6

Looks like I’m going to have to take my camera in – this weird smudge keeps appearing in all of my shots… but hey, it could be worse – at least no one tried to do coke out of my mouth while I was sleeping.


Day 6 (continued…)

I think the guys in the band may have partied a little too hard last night – they keep claiming we’re being followed by something in the sky.

I’m not surprised they’re a little on edge; I’d be suffering from some serious anxiety disorders if I had spent as much time with Mini Brian as they had…


Day 6 (continued…)

What the hell is that thing anyway?



Day 6 (continued…)

I’m not going to buy into this fear-mongering and paranoia – I think it’s time we simply apply Occam’s razor, and move on.

It’s getting to be autumn, there are bound to be all manner of bird, great and small, taking to the sky around Moncton – there is nothing nefarious about that.

With Mini Brian out of the picture, this nonsense is behind us now.

To sit here and suggest that there is anything out of the ordinary, that there is anything beyond the scope of normality, that there is anything inexplicable, that there is anything absurd, that –


Yeah, no; it was Mini Brian following us on a Pteranodon.


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