The Misadventures of Mini Brian :: Tales from the Road, Part 2

When last we heard, Mini Brian had joined up with pop/rock band Andreas as they embarked on their first cross-country tour.

On this particular tour, they were joined by new bassist, Justin Rodin-Lehman.

He was tasked with documenting their various adventures; what follows is his second entry in the Andreas Tour Journal.

Day 2:

Well, let’s talk pros and cons about the show last night:

Pro: We played a great set, and received a solid response.

Con: Halfway through our set, Mini Brian jumped up on the bar and called the owner a @@!@$%#@$!@$%$  %^%%^$#@.

What did this mean for us?

Instead of having somewhere to crash after the show (the bar owner had previously agreed to provide accommodations for us that night), we would instead be driving directly to the next venue.

That venue is in New Brunswick.

Fourteen hours East.

Apparently, we were no longer welcome in their establishment.

In Mini Brian’s defence, he did leave a generous tip.

As a side note, Mini Brian has a full-sized, “human wallet” (as he likes to call it) that he keeps in his mini pants.

This candid photo taken that night may explain his behaviour...

This candid photo taken that night may explain his behaviour…

That brings us to now.

I woke up in the backseat this morning to find Mini Brian driving our truck.

This is disconcerting for a couple of reasons.

One: he’s a freaking doll; best case scenario, he’s a doll haunted by the ghost of a really, really racist ex-con or something.

Two: it’s not as though his little feet were on the pedals or anything – he’s barely bigger than the steering wheel.

We were doing 160 km/h.

At the very least, I think this merits some kind of scientific investigation.


Will Andreas arrive in New Brunswick in time for the next stop on their tour?

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Continuing Saga of Mini Brian.


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