The Misadventures of Mini Brian :: Tales from the Road, Part 1

This week’s instalment finds Mini Brian out on the road with the band Andreas, as they embark on their first cross-country tour.

Of course, this isn’t Mini Brian’s first tour – he’ll tell you he did three tours in ‘Nam, and several with the progressive flute band Hocus Pocus.

Brian Dahl, lead singer of Andreas, and Mini Brian’s namesake/doppelganger, would be quick to point out that Mini Brian is a novelty toy that he received as a gift from his band.

He would be just as quick to retract that statement, because Mini Brian doesn’t take kindly to slander – regardless of its veracity.

This tour finds Andreas travelling and performing with their newest member, bassist Justin Rodin-Lehman.

At the behest of the band, Justin has started keeping a journal of the day-to-day trials and tribulations of life on the road with a contemporary rock band; what follows is his slow descent into madness.


Day 1:

Uh, this band I’ve joined up with seems to tour with a haunted doll or something.

Why does nobody think this is a big deal?

I guess it might be different if he were more pleasant, but he’s pretty racist.

He also seems to be drunk all of the time. Can toys be drunk? How does that even work?

I found him hanging from the back of our band truck this morning. I thought he had tried to kill himself through autoerotic asphyxiation, but it turns out he just sleeps like that.


That’s all I can write for now – we have a show to prepare for tonight, and Mini Brian is giving me the stink eye.


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