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TheGlow-TryThe Glow, spearheaded by singer/songwriter, Kevin Krouglow, has released its debut EP, Try, produced by Tristan Avakian, of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. An apt title as Krouglow gives a try at working out many of life’s little mysteries.

He tries to dispel apathy, to have people fall in love with life again, and above all, so far as it seems to me, he tries to justify his beliefs in God, and the grandeur of the universe.

A noble collection of contemplations to share with the world, Krouglow was aided, in studio, by drummer Mathias Banks, and bassist Kevin Barbe. However, the staying power of these two musicians in The Glow has been short-lived, and while they are immortalized on the EP, the band now consists of drummer Justin Bell, bassist Anthony Zhura, and lead guitarist Luke Nishihama.

The album, with an interesting pop-rock vibe reminiscent of the early years of the millennium, takes a jump forward with surprisingly little in terms of harmony; a simplicity that one may struggle to find in this genre of music. While the harmonies that do exist on the album may be uncomplicated, and the typical complex and bearing harmonies of this genre may be missed, the silence afforded each song between verse and chorus, as a result, is refreshing and makes for an exciting, contemplative space within the music.

TheGlowThe most powerful track, in this reviewer’s opinion, must be ‘I Believe’, made so by Krouglow’s conviction and honesty in all things love and life.

A poignant song, which, though it seemingly stands as pulpit in some way, reflects the notion that, no matter one’s beliefs, we can all share in the beauty and splendour of this universe; whether we believe we are just matter in motion or part of a grand design, we are afforded the ability to live life, and should therefore cherish it.

Though perhaps a tad short-sighted with regards to his thoughts on what non-believers really think, as well as his dismissal of the sharing of their opinions, I believe that Krouglow has, in this song, the crux of the entire EP; just what he wanted to try.

Try out the EP on their ReverbNation page and their Facebook page.

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