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TheFranklys-TheFranklysThese four females ain’t just pretties. The Franklys are an international band from London, and they’re getting ready to boom in popularity in Canada, as well. Having just finished their first American tour in the last year, the band said they felt that they held a solid reaction in their hands.

Dum Dum Girls, Arctic Monkeys, Blood Red Shoes, but more rock-n-roll, garage band – that’s The Franklys. They brought a bright cigarette, and smoked wind into the friendly and stylish indie band industry. If you get bored of rock and roll, you haven’t heard this band yet.

The Franklys consist of four members from Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S. Although they have different influences in their musical taste and their cultural background, they have manifested to accept the essence of their differences. In interviews, they have named their favourite artists from ABBA, to Mando Diao, to Ozzy Osborne.

TheFranklys-1They are neither a mono-girlish band nor a simple band that you can listen to at some venues on Queen Street every Friday. They described themselves as a melting pot of international influences with a garage sound that’s mixed with rock and roll, punk, surf and even a little pop. You can’t imagine it? Well, you need to experience their EP, which you can stream for free on their website. They spit on the indie band scene proudly and stand up as if they are naked feminists. How cool are they!

Singer, Jennifer’s whisky husky voice makes the tunes more powerful and somehow classic as an underground rock band. Those vocals introduce me to a lady with blond hair, black-lined eyes, and the back stage of the ’70s rock scene. Her voice reminds me of what rock and roll really is.

Their successful lead single ‘My Love’ was featured in NME and Poplacara, a popular Spanish magazine. Already the London scene is getting crazy on them since they debuted in 2010. Their quick bloom is definitely not unfounded.

Let’s talk about the track ‘My Love’. The vibe of the track dances back and forth, and the rhythm swings you in a hummock. A ’60s guitar and a mysterious drum punch you and easily grab your thirsty heart.

The band just finished a tour in Sweden. If they have the chance to drop by Canada, we all need to see their live show.

You still heard their music? Well, what are you waiting for!

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