The FAPS / Wizards :: Split

TheFAPSWizards-SplitThere are so many ways to release your music into the world – online, via performances, by CD. . . But one way that seems to evade many modern-day musicians is the collaboration.

Saskatoon-based label mates, The FAPS and Wizards have apparently also noticed. The released a three-track cassette together, aptly titled Split. While short, the release is just enough to whet fans’ appetite for new music.

The first two tracks belong to The FAPS. The duo – consisting of Skyler Coafferata on guitar and Blair Colwell on drums; they share vocal duties – have been touring across the West Coast, and will make a stop at MoSo Fest in June. Wizards, meanwhile, have been equally busy, and will join The FAPS at MoSo.

Split opens with ‘IWSBTAR’ by The FAPS. The song starts with a pensive electric guitar and deep, reflective vocals crooning “I was just / A little less miserable. . .”, before diving into a screeching start with clanging symbols and accenting guitar riffs.

The melodic interlude that ensues is enough to get anyone out of their seat, thrashing around gloriously to the music. Shortly after that, the track switches paths again, funnelling into a soothing whirl of noisy guitars and marching drums. The song is anything but boring, and oddly cohesive considerings its minute-by-minute switch between tones.

TheFAPS‘Trophy Wives’ by The FAPS is up next. The song has heavier surf influences and is a lot more straight forward than ‘IWSBTAR’. The duo still plays around with tempo – slowing down in the strangest spots and speeding up on a whim. But, again, it works. The track is guided along by the steady up-beat, maintaining its surf rock vibe throughout.

Still, it being The FAPS, the music plays around within the genre; they add a gurgling liquid interlude, and fade off before jumping back into steady guitar riffs that manage to morph into a punk-inspired thread.

Wizards close off the release with ‘Karma’. The swirling track features Wizards’ signature distant vocals, but is more steady rock-based than their previous EP, Loser Surf Death.

WizardsBut while it doesn’t have the signature sounds that you’d call strictly surf, it has maintained its dreamy tones. The song offers toned-down drums that steadily lead the track along, guitars that work to emerge listeners into a musical dream, and vocals that draw the softness of a summer’s day. Too short, in my opinion, but the song works well to keep itself on repeat.

Catch Wizards and The FAPS at MoSo Fest in Saskatoon in June.

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