The Cardboard Crowns :: Global Citizen

The Cardboard Crowns: what to say about this silly-sounding band? Well, I have to say, they’re actually quite talented and likeable. The Cardboard Crowns consist of four members who go by the names of Rat, Tokyo, Googles and Mystery Skunk. The band considers itself to be a mixture of ska-beat, reggae, punk-rock, and community service. Despite the varied genres, their music comes together remarkably well, and it shows in their debut album Global Citizen.

TheCardboardCrownsGlobal Citizen is an interesting album to listen to; it almost made me feel as if I was listening to a classic punk-rock CD. The songs make you actually stop to think about what is wrong with society. Yet, at the same time, it’s easy to lose yourself in listening to the instrumentals and letting the lyrics just slip by without a thought (I listened to the album about eight or nine times without really hearing the lyrics, I found the instrumentals that good).

On the album there is one song that sticks out as different from the others: ‘Ole’. The song, like the rest of the album, is quite enthralling yet it’s like an entirely different sound.

Global Citizen seems to explore a variety of themes, from family issues, to the different issues facing new generations and foreign people.

If you want to reach out and listen to a new sound that will keep you interested, I suggest you check out The Cardboard Crowns.

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