The Bends :: Through Looking-Glass Houses

I decided to review an album, Through Looking-Glass Houses, by a local band by the name of The Bends. The Bends describe their genre as surfadelic garage rock, and I will fully admit to not having a good grasp on the genre. However, I do admit that I find the sounds on the album very captivating.


The band is comprised of six people: Kurt Dunn on guitar and lead vocals, Duncan Chambers on bass and vocals, Luke Honsberger on keyboards and vocals, Dave Klassen on percussion, Joe Salter on guitar and vocals, and Grace Snippe on cello, and all make for an interesting sound.

The instrumentals found throughout the album have the unique quality of sounding like they fit the lyrics perfectly, while at the same time feeling as if they don’t really belong. Take, for example, the song ‘Chicken N Rice‘. With lyrics such as “Well you ask me why / I like my chicken and my rice / Well I gotta tell you baby / I don’t want nothing else when I eat / Milk and honey for my tea / It doesn’t matter much to me”. The rest of the album does little to disappoint as it continues to throw out lyrics that seem confusing during the first listen.

TheBends-ThroughLookingGlassHousesThe lyrics throughout the album may not make a lot of sense at first, but on a second listen, one can pick up on subtle themes behind the confusion. As an easy example, have a listen to the song ‘Spit Curl’. “I don’t want to live my life / In this lonely world / I just want to stay a while / With a rockabilly spit curl”. ‘Spit Curl’ has one of the more obvious set of lyrics. I know how I interpret the lyrics off this album, but everyone else can make of them what they will.

Moving on, despite The Bends labelling themselves with a particular genre, the album moves from one style to another throughout the eleven different tracks. To be completely honest, you’d have to listen to the yourself to actually learn more about it.

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