The Almighty Rhombus at Canadian Music Week 2014

AlmightyRhombus-1Just because you’d call them a pop band doesn’t mean that The Almighty Rhombus can’t rock.

Because they can.

Very well.

They Sudbury, Ont.-based band is five friends and that’s obvious. They’re comfortable on stage and they’re comfortable with each other, and that’s obvious too.

They fill the stage but don’t overpower it, bringing the noise to Rancho Relaxo for Canadian Music Week, with solid harmonies that aid the group’s pop sensibilities.

Their set bursts open with a full band sound, complete with two screeching guitars, driving drums, throbbing bass and killer keys. The vocals are distant and sit somewhere between indie rock and pop. They’re hard-rocking throughout their whole set, seamless ingrate several sounds – from ska and electronic, to punk and garage – to make one that’s uniquely their own.

One song, the title of which I missed over the loud cheers, perfectly paired distant keys with noisy electric guitars, dark, thudding bass lines, clashing symbols and soft, soothing vocals. Even when slowing it down, the crowd is still grooving and moving. And even when they slow it down, The Almighty Rhombus is still exciting to listen to.

AlmightyRhombus-2The band performed a cover of Sloan’s ‘Good in Everyone’. They added their own garage feel to the track, but maintained the fantastic harmonies that have come the be The Almighty Rhombus’ signature.

The Rhombuses finished off their set with a track that married catchy beats, tinking keys, marching bass lines, rolling drums and purposefully monotone vocals that drew their distinct take on pop to the forefront.

That last song – again, I missed its title over the swelling crowd – also featured an interlude that made way for the perfectly timed swaying and quivering guitar solo, which worked its way into a bumping, rolling drum solo, which, in turn, parted for those amazing Rhombus harmonies, before dropping into a gliding instrumental point that proved these boys have the musical chops to share the stage with other amazing Canadian Music Week artists.

For more on The Almighty Rhombus, visit their Facebook page.

And click here to see a photo gallery from the show!

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