Sunday Prescription :: March 23

Sunday is here, the weekend’s gone. But fear not, brave weekenders, for I bring you glad tidings of soothing music. It’s time for my Sunday Prescription.

“What is the Prescription?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s a playlist, chock full of songs specially curated and medicated to soothe the psyche, revive the humours, and ease the transition between the weekend and the workweek.

From the well-known to the obscure, and everything in-between, the Prescription has only the most soothing music available.

Guaranteed to cure melancholy, gout, and bad vapors

Guaranteed to cure melancholy, gout, and bad vapors

Hozier’s ‘From Eden’ eases us into the mix, followed by Kelis’ ‘Rumble’, which gives the whole affair a somewhat Motown-ish feel.

We are then shepherded down into more nocturnal sonic-scapes by Elbow’s ‘Lucky With Disease’, after which POLICA’s ‘Lay Your Cards Out’, and Daft Punk’s ‘Instant Crush’ serve as electronic dream sequences.

Soon enough, Jhené Aiko’s ‘The Worst’ brings a touch of gravitas to the proceedings, which is swiftly brushed aside by Donovan’s 1966 classic ‘Sunshine Superman’ (wouldn’t want too much doom and gloom).

After a brief respite (courtesy of SOHN’s track ‘Bloodflows’), we’re back in the sunshine with Wilco’s ‘Dawned on Me’.

The Mouth of Ghosts’ ‘The City Lights’, and Warpaint’s ‘Biggy’ bring us back to our nocturnal vein.

Indiana’s track ‘Solo Dancing’ (as remixed by Joe Goddard) serves as a brief interlude, before College send us off into the night with ‘A Real Hero’, just like Driver (Ryan Gosling’s character) driving off into the gathering dusk, to face his uncertain future, in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.

I don’t even need to caption this. Good guy Gosling’s doing all the work for me

I don’t even need to caption this. Good guy Gosling’s doing all the work for me


The Prescription:  

1 – Follow the link to the playlist:!/playlist/Sunday+Prescription+March+23+2014/96294315

(press the little ol’ Play All button in the top left corner)

2 – Gather your loved one(s) and your pets ’round.

3 – Prepare your mind-grapes for the coming week (remember, life is just a series of weekends, divided by a few work days).


That was your Sunday Prescription, ladies and gents. Apply as needed. Doctor’s orders.

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