Sunday Prescription :: April 20

Aloha weekenders, and welcome to the Sunday Prescription. If you’re reading this, that means you’ve safely navigated the perils and pitfalls of hangovers and drunk texting that litter Saturday nights, and have made it out the other side, wiser and with a renewed sense of responsibility (at least, until next Saturday).

We’ve got Google glasses, curved phones, and foldable digital paper, so why the hell do we not have this too?

We’ve got Google glasses, curved phones, and foldable digital paper, so why the hell do we not have this too?

Sam Smith starts things off this evening with ‘Stay With Me’, easing us into the prescription with a steady beat and gorgeous choruses.

Next up, we’ve got Woodkid’s cover of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, which is one of those rare covers that’s actually as good as the original. Strings and piano move us through this track, and seamlessly into: ‘Cloud Generator’, by Tycho, which brings us our daily recommended dose of wide eyed dreaminess, with flowing synths and a muted beat.

Aphex twin gives us ‘Vordhosbn’ next, with a glitchy beat, and plenty of aural drips and drops to move things along at a slightly faster pace. Diplo’s ‘Big Lost’ acts as a soothing balm after ‘Vordhosbn’, giving us a nice deep-rhythm track and spacious strings to serve as a breath of fresh air.

Thomas Barfod in collaboration with Nina K. bring us ‘Pulsing‘ to start off the second half of the Prescription with glittering vocals, and a pulsing yet laid back accompaniment. Metronomy with ‘I’m Aquarius‘ infuses the playlist with a darker, more nocturnal tinge, signaling “lights out” time.

‘Cold, Cold, Heart’, Norah Jones‘ offering, classes up the Prescription with a nice dose of piano, organ, and her signature smooth-as-silk vocals. Floetry is up next with ‘Say Yes‘, inviting us to just stretch out on the bed, and drift off to sleep. Ten Walls with ‘Gotham‘ give us one last, beat-driven hurrah, before Wild Beasts sends us off to sleep with flowing synths and a subdued beat on ‘A Simple Beautiful Truth’.


The Prescription:

1 – Follow the link below:!/playlist/Sunday+Prescription+April+20th+2014/97139854

(hit that Play All button in the top left corner)

2 – Pour yourself a glass of Chianti (we’re going for “classy” here).

3 – Curl up with your favourite book or person.

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