SOHNSOHN is one of those artists who don’t need an over exonified description of their progression, background or craft, nor does he need a gimmick to catch a listener’s attention. His smooth electro sound almost forces itself to be the best kept secret in your music library.  And with only a few tracks circulating the Internet within the last few years, each one more promising than the last, SOHN is definitely something worth sharing.

The London, England-turned-Vienna, Austria-based artist, whose debut LP Tremors is due for release next month, gained a bit of online popularity in 2012; just months before the release of his EP The Wheel. Since then, his singles, ‘Bloodflows’ and ‘Lessons’ have risen to critical acclaim, marking SOHN on all the 2014 artists-to-watch lists. Adding EDM elements in his production works for artists like Lana Del Rey, Rhye, and the recently covered BANKS, and SOHN has already proven to be amongst the most dedicated and talented of 2014.

The cover art for SOHN's upcoming album, Tremors

The cover art for SOHN’s upcoming album, Tremors

SOHN’s music seems effortless and natural all the while beating immensely with profundity. Soft, silky vocals spewing poetic and intelligent lyrics over complicated beats and mind-calming synths are worthy of a repeat or two – or eighteen. SOHN incorporates a pulsing and rhythmic vocal sample, used almost as a percussion instrument, and intricate synths in the socially relevant ‘The Wheel’. This track allots no choice in the matter of singing along, even after your first listen.

‘Lessons’, a track that depicts the struggle that comes with severing ties, drowns you in graceful intensity and perspective. Not to mention the poignant video to accompany it (watch the video here). ‘Artifice’, the debut off Tremors, offers a more ebullient sound and larger instrumentation, giving you a break from all the lithe and beauty going on.

At this rate, Tremors appears to be one of the most promising albums coming this year.

SOHN’s The Wheel EP is currently available on iTunes and Tremors is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Check out his website for current updates and touring info!



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