Silkken Laumann :: Not Forever Enough

SilkkenLaumann-NotForeverEnoughIf you were looking for a way to bring the heat home during these obscene weather conditions we’re supposed to call Canadian living, I suggest turning your furnace to its maximum, slipping on your favourite summer shorts and looping Silkken Laumann’s long-awaited debut album, Not Forever Enough. The four-piece Ottawa-based electro-rock band knows a thing or two about bringing the steamy and sweaty summertime nightlife to your sleet-covered doorstep. And even if your utilities bill breaks the budget, I promise it’ll be worth the spike.

After Ottawa indie folk band, The Acorn found itself on hiatus, founding members Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson, began collaborating with Gary Franks (of noise rock band, Roberta Bondar) and Adam Saikaley forming the not-so-acoustic Silkken Laumann; a name paying a sort of homage to Canadian Olympic gold medalist rower, Silken Laumann. And after a couple years of singles, videos, and a somewhat-predicted delayed release, it’s about time this soulful and electric band found a place in the LP library.

Not Forever Enough is an eight-track hot and steamy odyssey into deliverance all while under the influence. The sound is calming and exciting, with a juxtaposition of light dream waves of sound and dark rhythms. The mastering is inspiring with an album experience that can only be mirrored by that of a Molly trip.

SilkkenLaumannOpening track ‘Dubai, Bye Baby, Dubai’ at first sounds as though its only purpose is to serve as a sound in the background. Just before two minutes in, however, the infectious hi-hats, funky bass and dreamy vocals become an anthem of ecstasy, driving your sway and sending you elsewhere.

‘Giving You Up’ is a soft pounding dose of ’80s new wave and heart palpitating rhythms that pretty much oblige you to move from your seat. By the time ‘Obvious Water (yer a kitten)’ is playing you’ve found your state of oblivion. The dimly lit and lyrically stimulating ‘House of Common Problems’ takes you to that eerie dark period of your trip, with haunting vocals and faint, ambient synths but a steady beat that brings you back up.

Standout track ,’The River’ is probably the most sticky and sweet track on the album, bumping rhythms and a drum beat so hard that you can smell the sweat. Closing and titled track, ‘Not Forever Enough’ is the coming down track, probably the most reminiscent of The Acorn. Soft and sweet vocals over light guitar, and easy drums and synths.

I repeat; the mastering is inspiring.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys.

Silkken Laumann’s debut album, Not Forever Enough, is currently available for free download on their website.


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