September 11, 1967

Sept11On this day in 1967, Frank Sinatra, who was playing at The Sands casino in Las Vegas, got into a fight when he was denied credit as part of a policy put in place by the casino’s new owners.

Carl Cohen was The Sands’ new manager when he angered Sinatra by cutting off the singer’s casino credit. The incident followed what was described as a weekend-long tirade by Sinatra against the hotel’s management, employees and security forces.

During those two September days, Sinatra, then 50, was gambling heavily and when Cohen moved to cut off his credit line, Sinatra tipped a table over on him. Cohen then punched Sinatra in the face. The blow bloodied Sinatra’s nose and reportedly knocked out two teeth.

The incident marked the end of Sinatra’s affiliation with The Sands and the beginning of a new and very long involvement with Caesar’s Palace.

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