Secret Sun :: ‘Feather’

SecretSunThe use of scenery in Secret Sun’s music video for ‘Feather’ is breath-taking and the abstract narrative makes for some powerful imagery alongside the music. The song is featured on their album Cold Coast (produced by Sébastien Blais-Montpetit of Radio Radio and Francois Lafontaine from Karkwa).

Does the narrative of the video make absolute sense? Maybe not right away, but the images allow the viewer to explore the broader themes of the song.

There’s the uniformity in subdued colours and a light-washed lens, and the slow motion in a lot of the scenes work with the flow of the music. Everything about the track and the video is soft, just like the song’s namesake. Secret Sun has a style of slow aloofness, making ‘Feather’ unmistakably their style and a well-implemented cinematography to match. The vocals by singer Brooklyn Vegan are haunting and are strengthened by the background instruments. Inspired by Play It As It Lays, a novel by Joan Didion, it really does have some of the feel of a ’60s abstract piece.

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