[SEBELL] – ‘Till The Sun Burns Out’

SEBELL-TillTheSunBurnsOutIt doesn’t matter if you are currently with or without someone. I would like you to take a few seconds and remember an amazing situation of romance that you’ve had before, just for now. Remember the success of asking out a person you like, remember the moment of receiving a text message from your lover. Imagine a perfect scenario with the handsome guy and sexy lady. Your pulse gets faster and that person makes you feel dumber and over-excited. As Electric Light Orchestra sang, “Love gets you high”. The newly released track by [SEBELL], ‘Till The Sun Burns Out’, reminds you of the physical and emotional feelings of romance.

If you are a listener of Virgin Radio in Toronto, you probably know [SEBELL] as Virgin’s Future Star for February 2014. Moreover, if you are a Billboards follower, then you likely recognize the song as a Top 40-nominated track. This catchy new tune will be the 2014 summer hit.

Here are a few reasons why this is going to be the long hit.

SEBELL-1First of all, this track provides you a fresh feeling with the up-tempo beat, which is slightly faster than average heartbeat. After absorbing the song’s whole three minutes, the track makes you feel like one does after running or being shocked by a first sighted love. It’s the comfortable stimulation that hits your heart.

The song is also conducted in such a way that it pairs well with several occasions, such as concerts, parties, driving around, and working out at the gym. The backbeat is constantly changing through the track, and towards the ending, the chorus spreads wider and longer. The effective piano performance is mixed with electric sounds, and it explains why [SEBELL] started to conduct this track by playing piano from the beginning.

The best part would be the hardly forgotten and stable-strong melody. I believe that I was not the only one who experienced this. This is the best karaoke song for the shower. Echo in the bathroom and set you free with the wide spread chorus. “Love you till the sun goes down…” Who doesn’t sing along?

You probably have heard this new catchy track, but you might still have no idea who [SEBELL] is. This young, two-time Juno Award winner is an art-oriented nomad. His love of art and music helped him to travel around the world and take photographs. Once you look at his Facebook page, you don’t need to have anything else explained. His fashionable sense of art is clearly on display.

Our exciting Canadian star is currently planning a new project. He is going to release more singles and, in the end, an EP. Before releasing the new EP, I believe we will keep listening to this track throughout the summer.

For more on [SEBELL], visit his website, his Facebook page, his Tumblr, his Twitter feed, and his Instagram account.


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