Rosie June :: Listening Post

Hey Boys and Girls – and this includes you my, emo/bi friends!


We have our own Liz Phair… check out the heels… fresh from British Columbia!

Introducing our loverly, Ms. Rosie June:

Not only alike visually and sounding an awful like Ms. Phair… Rosie greets us with a very intimate account of a failed relationship throughout her indie release Listening Post.

Indeed, her debut album “reads” like a diary. Listening to the complete story as tracked on SoundCloud (follow my musical thrills, friends!) it is as though we ride the tidal wave of break-ups with no make-ups.

RosieJuneRosie’s first track, ‘Broadway’, introduces us to the messy confusion “I can’t understand you…talking so fast…,” she croons.

Insider’s note: LaLa’s mind races, sometimes, and indeed I was scolded by a potential for topic jumping…any of my dear friends who have suffered by this – I apologize times 99!

Perhaps the strongest track on the record is ‘Lion in Your Head’. Read: should have been the track (playing in Twilight’s meadow scene). I was so reading this YA before you all (and am totally over looking for vampires!).

P.S. check it out on YouTube; It also features Hey Ocean… handsome boys and girls!

Rosie’s album is steady… however, ‘Figure 8’ is more for the nights when we need a soft voice to help us sleep… stay offline! (Read my warnings of Facebook depression!)

As my tired fingers type, I am loving and listening to ‘Airport Lines’, leaving me for Christmas, are we? I am reminded of the Harriet Wheeler’s Dulcet Tones…

Okay, enough with the comparisons. Rosie has the potential to stand alone as an artist.

At the very least, I throw you a challenge, DJs:

Do a wild re/mix!

For more on Rosie June, visit

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