Rosie June ft. Hey Ocean! :: ‘Lion on Your Side’

RosieJuneFrom the get-go, ‘Lion On Your Side’ is reminiscent of a Disney princess song with the soft, sing-song tone. Soothing, dipped in innocence, the video perfectly matches the tune provided with light colours, subdued contrasts, predominantly a white-washed screen in the atmosphere, and a general lack of activity by the subjects on the set.

A lot of videos are made like this now, fading into and out of focus and showing the set-up and pack away before and after the video.

So then what is there to be said about this video that makes it unique? Not much. Don’t get me wrong, the video works with the music, but I find the cinematography to be over-used and boring. The song and video as a whole are boring but this artist has a fan base that likes this music – and by proxy – this video.

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