Ron Baumber

RonBaumberRecently, I had the opportunity to watch a new artist who goes by the name of Ron Baumber perform at Moonshine Café in Oakville, Ont. The performance consisted of a cover of Imogen Heap’s well-known song ‘Blanket’ and I can say, without a doubt, that the show was one of the greatest live performances that I have seen in a very long time.

Baumber starts off with a soft and mellow guitar introduction, which is shorty followed by his velvet-like voice. The original indie/jazz sound of the version released by Imogen Heap can still be heard in Baumber’s performance – never a bad thing.

Something that caught my eye during the performance was the simple variety of instruments on stage. For instance, a cajon was incorporated into the performance, as was a djembe, which is a type of skin-covered drum that originates from West Africa. In addition, the vocal arrangement used throughout the performance is extremely easy to listen to because both Baumber’s voice and Leslie Hudson’s are very soft, and easy going – not aggressive or too loud to a point where the sound of the instruments was overpowered.

One YouTube viewer described the vocals to be so good that they are haunted. The original song ‘Blanket’ by Imogen Heap and Peter Akinrinlola – front man of the British Band Urban Species – was written in 1999.

Be sure to check out Ron Baumber’s YouTube channel here, and check out the original version of the song with Urban Species and Imogen Heap here.

And last but not least, check out Ron Baumber at the Moonshine Café here.

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