Ray Montana ft. Andre Fennel :: ‘My Angel’

RayMontanaAndreFennel–'MyAngel'Ray Montana partners up with Andre Fennel to sing out in the interestingly depressing, yet uplifting, dance-partying single, ‘My Angel’.

Montana hails from Queens, NY, and is currently exploding on the L.A. scene, building on a dream to achieve greatness, and a drive to show the world that Latinos aren’t just gangster or Chulo rappers. I think this new single adds another chevron to his achievements, and helps to prove the diversity of Latino artists on the L.A. scene.

A more-than-typical rumination of love and loss, Montana swings this mournful and morose story arc of cliché, into a banging, feel-good, party-like-it’s-1999 club number, filled with all of the emblematic emotions of such a ballad, twisted into a strive for the green grass on the other side.

Staggered and stilted breaks in the music, drawn with shades of dub step, the musical colour of the piece stands as symbol to the confusion one inevitably experiences at the loss of a lover; the thousand piercing thoughts, all with the voice of the jilter, reverberating in harrowing dissidence.

Fennel backs Montana, and is given the task to express the very crux of the song; what one might deem to be the single, coherent thought in the mind of the jilted: “I miss you.”

Ray Montana may have daunting aspirations, but clearly he regards the world, undaunted, with a creative honesty that can only rear potential.


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