Plastic Yellow Band

PlasticYellowBand-1Gerry Jennings is the songwriter, guitarist, lead singer, and producer for South Carolina’s new classic rock band: Plastic Yellow Band

Jennings follows and models the band’s music on traditional and classic methods of playing and recording – no addition of synthetic music. Plastic Yellow Band consists of only authentic recordings. Considering this, their music is very impressive to listen to and enjoy!

The members of Plastic Yellow Band include: Jennings, Joe Hurt (bass), Karl Derrick Tesch (drums), Dana Rideout (vocals) and Stan Norton (guitar). While many of Plastic Yellow Band’s songs have all members included, there are quite a few songs that only consist of Jennings playing his acoustic guitar and singing. The sound is relaxing, mellow and contemplative. Following the example set by John Lennon’s intellectual and deeply emotional lyrics and melodies, Jennngs brings us a taste of the past with his delightfully relaxing music.

The name of the band itself is based on John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s band, Ono Band; thereby we can expect many great tunes to listen to and enjoy. The refreshing aspect of this band is that there is a surprising twist to the music and albums; amidst these mellow melodies, there are traditional classic rock instrumentals and vocals! For lovers of traditional classic rock, this band is a definite hit!

PlasticYellowBand-2Plastic Yellow Band’s 2014 debut album, Breathe Air, also featured additional musicians: Josef Patchen on keys, Joe Smith on guitar and slide guitar, Clay Lee on guitar and synth, Charles Yang on violin, and Dana Rideout contributing with vocals.

After many years of playing, singing and generally being a great lover of music, Jennings decided to open up his own studio in 2006 – ISI Studios, and dedicated himself to focusing on quality music production. Jennings’ natural talent of being a musician led him to performing at the well-known and notable venue – Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tenn.

Whether you’re in the mood for a mellow, slow and meditative song or feel like hitting the dance floor, Plastic Yellow Band has a pleasant and amusing twist to their albums to appease any mood you may be in, and surprise you with absolutely phenomenal music and sound recording.

Visit Yellow Plastic Band’s website today to learn more.

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