Pink Mountaintops :: ‘The Second Summer of Love’

PinkMtntops-SSLVancouver-formed, Los Angeles-based Pink Mountaintops released the music video accompanying the single ‘The Second Summer of Love’, which is off the latest effort, Get Back

Watch the video below.

The song, as I said when I reviewed the album in April, does a great job of getting you excited for the summer. So it’s only fitting for the video to be released at the true start to summer.

The video itself plays out exactly how I expected the cool kids to act in the summer. I was an impressionable kid in the late ’80s. I watched the teen across the street skateboard and was almost obsessed with fire (not in a creepy way… I hope…)

Either way, the video is a glimpse into what that cool teen did when he finally stopped skateboarding and drove off in his friend’s beat-up old caddy.

The video follows in the song’s fabulously gritty footsteps, and manages to maintain the same marching urgency-calm coolness duality that the song somehow managed to keep.

Director Brook Linder spoke to the video’s youthful energy and how they achieved it:

“We started with this insane image: looking at a flaming kick flip from an impossible angle, and worked backwards from there. Much of the focus was just creating a collage of textures grabbed from rolling around with this skate crew in the Midwest. The song is totally Stephen [McBean]’s anthem for a very particular time and place – we took those images and twisted them out into a montage of youthful energy, the good and the bad.”

That mood – which pervaded the entire record – certainly made it’s way to some important ears: Get Back was long-listed for this year’s Polaris Prize.

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