New Politics :: ‘Everywhere We Go (Kings and Queens)’

NewPolitics-EverywhereWeGoWith enough bravado to rival a Kanye West diatribe, ‘Everywhere We Go (Kings and Queens)’ is a rebellious look-at-me-now anthem by Swedish rockers New Politics. The lyrics read like a laundry list of things to boast when you’re trying to sound like a hardened badass – a lyrical approach usually reserved for the purveyors of gangster rap. ‘Everywhere We Go’ is the quintessential soundtrack if you are 17 and all about fighting the power between weekly chores and getting high in your buddy’s garage.

The song is a high-energy number anchored by a driving drum beat and distorted walking guitar riff. The vocals alongside these musical elements come together to create a sound somewhat reminiscent of Sum 41 circa 2001. The chorus is a catchy and chantable melody that will undoubtedly be a big hit with New Politics fans attending one of their North American tour dates this fall. You can catch them at The Opera House on November 23 with Bad Suns and SomeKindaWonderful.

If you’re a patron of the pop punk genre than you might find this offering by New Politics to be right up your alley. ‘Everywhere We Go (Kings and Queens)’ can be heard on Spotify, and is now available on iTunes.

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