New City Kings :: ‘Swords & Cannonballs’

NewCityKings-1In 2013, the U.K.’s New City Kings released a fantastic single with official music video, ‘Swords & Cannonballs’. In anticipation for the review of their new EP Change, I think it only fitting to take a step back and check out just what these guys were up to a year ago.

First off, the cinematography for the video is quality work from filters to focus. There’s hardly a shot without significance, and each of the players in the piece actually do well in telling the story. It’s not all eye candy: there’s some actual substance, and that is unique in music videos today. The clear revenge tale of every high schooler who’s ever been bullied plays out hilariously in this piece with the would-be girlfriend, trapped teachers, stink bombs, wet pants, and the obligatory sexy nurse (I said it’s not all eye candy).

Musically we begin with a typical enough power intro that leads into an exceptional gritty palm muting and cool lick by lead guitarist Ben Kovic, as Mark Kovic, with his smooth and powerfully grounded vocals pound out in time with low harmonies.

NewCityKings-2The harmonies, overall, are phenomenal in this piece. The genre begs for harmonies and these four gents rock three-part harmonies in a deep and meaningful way.

The guitar solo, leading to the subdued chorus just before the climax, has such a blistering opening into some great dancing along the fret board, and it lends itself perfectly to the rest of the song without becoming gaudy.

Full of such expression and held up by the voices and vibes of bassist Charlie Roberts, and drummer Ben Nyari, ‘Sword & Cannonballs’ is not just a fun song for the downtrodden, but it is also an uplifting song; one that can raise the bullied up to stand for themselves. I suppose, in that sense, apart from the hilarity of the video, there is a real truth and, thus, an inspiration for the weak to become strong: to be able to “take a little more. . . swords and cannonballs.”

Check out this wonderfully tight music video below, and keep on the lookout for the review of the New City Kings latest EP Change.



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