McLean :: ‘Movies’

McLean-MoviesQuite a departure from his last video ‘Does It Hurt’, McLean’s latest clip ‘Movies’ is a steamy, “ahoy there sailor” sort of sex tape, playing up the many tropes found in the porn industry.

As is usual in McLean’s work (and in the genre in general), he has a girl, but not an ordinary girl. “She wanna do it like the movies”.

Now, in terms of the video, there’s not much to it: plenty of lens flares, lots of skin, a hokey suggestion of filming a blowjob, some backseat action, moving to the beat while filming (which would make for some shaky porn), more skin, and that’s the plot, pretty much.

That being said, the lyrics are clever enough, with plenty of references to classic sexually deviant fantasies (doctor/nurse, sailor, etc. . .), and it certainly suits the simplicity of the song. Not to say that simplicity is an error here, since this song is just the type of track you want playing in the club when you find yourself grinding up on the dance floor.

McLean’s silky voice would probably make many men and women want to do it like the movies. A constantly enjoyable composition of McLean’s is the purity of his voice against the grit of his lyrics. No one with a voice that sweet would talk about getting dirty and playing with the camera on, would he? Yes, indeed he would, and to great effect. Vocally, McLean always hits it out of the park (maybe there’s a baseball scenario he could have included in the video . . . something about home base, maybe).

Though I may question the premise, there’s no denying that ‘Movies’ is a sure club favourite, and indeed a very sexy song. Credit should also be given to the beautiful model in the video who’s seemingly not credited on the YouTube information tab, nor on McLean’s page: She is, indeed, the video.

For more on McLean, visit his Facebook page. And be sure to watch the video, below!


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