May 14, 1991

May14On this day in 1991, Primus released their major label debut album Sailing the Seas of Cheese.

Recorded in January of 1991 at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California on Interscope Records, the record was produced by Primus and gave the world such great songs as ‘Jerry Was a Race Car Driver’, ‘Tommy the Cat’, and ‘Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers’.

In 2013, a deluxe edition of the album was released on May 21. Three exclusive and previously unreleased bonus tracks were included, as well as a DVD. Leader Les Claypool stated, “Musically, it holds up incredibly well. Sonically, it holds up fairly well. There’s some old-style reverbs that are a little bit syrupy. With modern technology, we can fix some of that stuff. But we don’t want to mess with it too much, because it is what it is. We want to fatten it up a little bit.”

Sailing the Seas of Cheese reached gold status in March 1993. It was certified platinum in December 2001.

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