MAX :: ‘Streets of Gold’

MAXHaving just come off his American tour, Manhattan-born MAX Schneider has been pushing his latest album, The Say MAX EP. Nevermind his successful acting and modelling careers, MAX has shone in his musical foray, all the way down the ‘Streets of Gold’.

This fantastic tune, with retro vibes that reverberate through the accompanying music video, bring a taste of the ’90s to this twenty-first century tune. The flavours work.

A compelling (albeit cliched) tale of boy-meets-girl, this ideal love story is subject to smooth melodies, underneath which a simple, steady and staggering beat keeps time. The upstroke guitar gives a Latin-inspired, beach-faring feel, and the piano and bass, working alone along the sultry pre-chorus – as all other instruments sit in silence – help build, by way of somber hesitation, the anticipation of the exploding chorus.

MAX’s passionate lyrics and delivery are wonderfully gripping, and his performance, though underplayed (given his dance training), is no less so. Filtered black and white, strolling along the graffitied streets, MAX weaves his tale and draws one in as the build to each chorus surges with a break into a run, mixed with spatterings of gold amidst the jumps, spins, and heartfelt cries for a love that will last “forever on the streets of gold”.

The video is certainly worth the watch, if for nothing more than MAX’s smooth verses and impassioned choruses.

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