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MarkMartyre-LondonToronto-based singer-songwriter Mark Martyre has had a great year. He was nominated for NOW Magazine‘s Best Songwriter and released his second studio album, London.

London is ten tracks of deep, dark vocals, mellow guitars, and quiet, tinkling pianos. The record builds on Martyre’s signature voice – his vocals are dark and grainy, and his lyrics are unparalleled.

Take the album’s opening track, ‘Falling Down, Tonight’; lyrics like, “I want to spend my youth on the road / Instead I spent it on the street / To come to a time when I’m lost and displace / And dreams are fleeting”, really set the tone for the album. Musically, Martyre’s guitar is in focus, though it’s really his gauzy vocals that steal the spotlight.

Those vocals once again take centre stage in ‘The Next Song’. The gentle piano plays a fitting backbone to the track, softly rolling the song along. ‘The Next Song’ plays out like a poem. Martyre seems to be speaking directly to the listener, offering cryptic words of wisdom and honesty that is still somehow shrouded in mystery.

MarkMartyre‘Window of a Train’, meanwhile, brings more of a country edge to the album. A twangy guitar periodically pierces through the trance that Martyre’s fantastic vocals have undoubtedly put you in. The guitar is equally mesmerizing, flowing so naturally and fitting so perfectly with the aire of the track.

Martyre is set to embark on a tour throughout Ontario, with stops in Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener, Guelph, Peterborough, Hamilton, and St. Catharines. For more information, visit


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