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LAMFollowing the release of their new single ‘Hands’ (listen to it below!), I got a chance to chat with the lovely ladies from Like A Motorcycle (Jillian Comeau [guitar/vocals], Kim Carson [bass/vocals], Michelle Skelding [drums/vocals], Kt Lamond [guitar]) about their new member and new music.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): What’s it like with Kt joining the group?

Jill:  It’s awesome to be playing with Kt. Having her join the band has kind of been a bit of an adrenaline shot. She’s fucking dedicated and works really hard. She also spits on the floor a lot which gives me the giggles.


RMM: Have the dynamics changed much in any way?

Michelle: Dynamics have changed, yes, of course they have. It’s a whole other person with us jamming and playing shows. But a change in a good way. Kt is an amazing musician and it’s been a smooth transition into a four piece. I love that we can fill in our sound with another guitar part and it’s almost lit a fire under our asses to keep this buzz going. She’s got the attitude and the looks so it’s working out well!


RMM: How has the writing process changed?

Jill: We have always written together as a unit and no one person has ever been more of a songwriter than anyone else. With Kt things haven’t really changed so much as it’s all gotten thicker and meatier. I feel like our sound is still our sound but her presence is undeniable. She has a really cool guitar style and I’m really digging the music that she has been coming up with and bringing to the table.


RMM: what have you done differently with your new single ‘Hands’ in terms of process or production?

LAM2Michelle: We had our single mixed with someone new (Albert Lionais and Jamie Foulds). And they fuckin’ killed it basically… So much so that we plan on recording our first full length with them this winter.

Kim: We also recorded the track live off the floor, something we haven’t done since our first EP. You can feel the live energy in the track and we plan to do our whole album off the floor because of it.


RMM: Are there more singles to come, or are you waiting to drop an album?

Kim: There will definitely be a single or two dropped before the album comes out. We’re way too excited about the songs on this album not to. We also don’t want to keep people waiting long for new material. We had huge gaps between recording and releasing with our last EPs and that’s something we want to avoid with this project. If we can keep with music coming out then it’s incentive to keep writing. It’s good for us creatively and good for people who like our music.


RMM: What have you got coming up in the near future?

Kt: We’ve got our work cut out for us the next few months. Thursday, October 23, we will be playing with Against Me! as part of the Halifax Pop Explosion. Incidentally, that’s also the day I fear I’ll slip into some nostalgia-induced psychosis while my inner teenager has a fucking melt down. Providing I survive the ordeal, we’ll be showcasing at Nova Scotia Music Week on November 8 and hopefully snag one or both of the Music Nova Scotia awards we’ve been nominated for: Loud Recording of the Year, as well as Alternative Recording of the Year. After that – it’s business time. We’re heading to the island kingdom of Cape Breton to record our first full length album with Albert Lionais of the Tom Fun Orchestra and award-winning engineer Jamie Foulds, who recently mixed and produced our single ‘Hands’. Those two are a goddamn delight. You can look forward to seeing that sometime in the spring/summer 2015; depends on how hungover we are. Lots to do!


Never a dull moment with this crew, and a joy for every second. Let’s put our ‘Hands’ together for Like A Motorcycle. Check out their new single, with official music video, HERE.


Listen here: 

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