Like A Motorcycle :: Stay Single

LikeAMotorcycle-StaySingleLast week, Like a Motorcycle released their fourth album, Stay Single – just ahead of their mini-tour with The Pack A.D.

The four-track album features the same sharp edge we’ve come to love from the Halifax-based band, but is more polished and full of masterful layers of dark and whimsical, and gritty and soft.

The EP opens with ‘Georgia’. A soft backing hum – Georgia. . . Georgia. . . – temporarily whisks you away to a breezy place, before being wonderfully contrasted by driving drums and a gritty vocal chant: “Waiting around while you’re digging a hole. . .”

‘Slipping Away’, meanwhile, starts with a pulsing bass line. Dark harmonies superimposed over sweet vocals add an eerie feel to the song, while hard-rocking instrumentals keep the track exciting. But it’s this wonderful contrast that really draws you in. (You can watch the music video for ‘Slipping Away’ here, by the way).

LikeAMotorcycle‘Why Did You Go’ features a soft, easy-going melody cut by hard symbols and simple guitar riffs. A beautiful sorrow-drenched chorus follows: “Why did you go? Why did you go?” The softness of the vocals and the harshness of the rest of the song works so well (almost too well) to convey the painful anger of, say, a bad breakup.

The closing track, ‘Too Safe to Stay’, sees the trio’s punk roots flare up. It’s classic Like a Motorcycle: quick guitars, driving bass, steady drums, plus riot-girl vocals. . . ‘Too Safe to Stay’ is easily my favourite track on the album, one I can’t wait to hear live.

And I don’t need to wait too long – Like a Motorcycle will (again) be in Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

Visit for a full list of tour dates. And be sure to follow and friend them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – in particular, check out their video diary/music video for ‘Hitting the Bottle’.

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