Lazy Lee :: ‘Full Circle’

LazyLee-FullCircle-2This is no ordinary concert music video. It’s the filming of a performance where you feel as though you’re the only one in the audience (an experience that’s up to the viewer themselves, but to me, it makes it a little less natural).

This is the explosive video to ‘Full Circle’, the second single released off Lazy Lee’s 2013 album Electromagnetic Circus. The cinematography was well-considered here starting from the location, being filmed at the Rialto Theatre to give the listeners “a taste of their performance”.

The performance style is a lot like Paramore with the music sounding pretty similar to the band as well. The uniformity of colours is commendable, being primarily blue and purple with clips of white flashes. This colour scheme tends to be typical with band performances and the popular use of it actually works here.

The biggest criticism I have here is the use of quick-cuts that are too lightning-fast and disorienting for the choreography to leave any lasting impression with the viewer.

The song itself isn’t bad – it’s upbeat, it has a good theme to it, and it generally has a lot of qualities to it that make it a likable song. However, it doesn’t do enough to make itself stand out from the other new releases from punk bands today.

The lead singer has a unique style to her, along with every other person in the band. Everyone seemed to have a more or less equal amount of screen time but with the staggering cuts, we aren’t left with much to take in. Otherwise, it’s a decent piece of film without going over-the-top or being boring. You also have to look at it through the scope of it being an indie band and having and indie band budget.

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