Kevin Drew :: ‘Good Sex’

KevinDrew-GoodSexWhat do you think when I say the words “good sex”? Last night? Or maybe The Lonely Island’s ‘I Just Had Sex’? If you pictured the Andy Samberg’s full smile in the back of your eyelids like a dream prophecy, you are like me. But this time, I;m not referring to the SNL alum, but a powerful and peaceful love song.

Kevin Drew has sung about love from various perspectives since he founded the expansive Toronto-based baroque-pop collective, Broken Social Scene. Likely and unlikely, this track is a great indie acoustic music to embrace the happiness of the sex. His lyrics are direct, simple and a little vulgar. They’re sexually slanted, of course, but provide undeniable poetic evincing at the same time. They remind me of the ’50s beat generation. He has been slightly outside of the broadcasting border, but he is always singing what he wants to sing, using his own metaphors or even being straightforward.

KevinDrew-1This track has only ten lines of lyrics, but they describe everything about that good sex – “Good sex, it’s gonna get you with a fine line / Good sex, it’s gonna die on the knees / But I’m still breathing with you baby”.

Drew himself explained this track as a clean, simple, heartfelt song in praise of humping. He does not need more than ten lines. We know what it is like. All we need to do is breath deeply and just feel it.

Kevin Drew will release a new album Darlings on March 18 via Arts & Crafts; after seven years, at last, we are able to taste his love, sex and freedom of speech.

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