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Co-Patriot cover_frontWhen I finished listening to Co-Patriot, I felt complete sympathy for Josh Matthews’ attitude: the happiness and the agitation of being in the present.

He is a poet.

Slam poetry is the king method for expressing the gushing-out of creativity, and Josh sings as if he stands in front of whole universe to express his artistic self. His genre, urban folk, will not describe anything about his music to you, because what he does on this album is too unique and experimental to be summed up in a word in your musical database.

‘I’m A Fool’ is my favourite track on Co-Patriot. His declaration of freedom is told over the background of a piano melody and Celtic bagpipe, while laid-back hip-hop interval responses are saying, “Damn ass fool”, and unique vocal percussion gets caught in between. This is truly damn ass cool!

Co-Patriot has 16 tracks in 51 minutes. This is quite a big compilation, yet it does not bore you. It is vastly experimental in the rule of country-like melody.

I constantly felt his unstoppable creativity from this album. I mean, who would think of starting a CD with an unexpected falsetto voice (by masculine, low-voiced singer) and ending it with drastic – almost dangerous – fireworks? Who would try to include an echo chorus with three other men? Well, Josh would – and did.


Being unique is also a proof of freedom. There are so many musicians who try to maintain their genres, but Josh is seamlessly breaking the box. He courageously betrays the listener and pioneers our new musical sense.

Some of his tracks are very personal – reading a letter, playing a voicemail – and also story-like. It reminds me of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Psychedelic guitar invites me to the alien world, and the sing-along style creates the funny vivid atmosphere, but not ridiculously.

Every time I listen to this album, I enjoy it differently. There are so many details to listen to. Each of the tracks are alluring, but the interval of tracks is stunning. The connection between songs, and also the moment of breath, is unique, immense and fun.

“Have a good life / Adios to what could have been”

We always have a new day in the same life. Josh Matthews is a performer who lives in the present with his playful creativity. His new album is exceedingly attractive, powerful and addictive.


Co-Patriot is available on iTunes.

For more on Josh Matthews, visit his website, his Facebook page, and his Twitter account.


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