Jack White: World Record Holder?

JackWhite-RSD1Jack White is at it again! For the third time, he is going to attempt a Guinness world record. The only question is: will he succeed? He’s trying to move in on Swiss polka trio Vollgas Kompanie’s spot for fastest-released record, which they hold for their album Live, released the day after it was recorded. White’s attempt is all set to go down April 19 on Record Store Day, the internationally recognized day celebrating independent record stores, held on the third Saturday of every April.

The plan is to start recording a limited edition version of the title track from his upcoming solo album Lazaretto at 10 a.m. and have it pressed and on sale by 4 p.m. for sale on that day only. Photos from his record-breaking performance will be used as the sleeve art for the records. White will be recording on stage at his label, Third Man Records, in Nashville, Tenn. The audience will also get to attend Whirlwind Heat’s first show following their six-year hiatus after White is finished recording and will receive a freshly pressed 45 of their album Do Rabbits Wonder?

JackWhite-RSD2014White’s last attempt at a Guinness world record was in 2012 when he attempted to achieve the most metaphors in a single concert. The hilarious idea came about during his back-and-forth with Guinness after the White Stripes’ 2007 one-note show in Newfoundland failed to receive recognition as the world’s shortest performance. White and band mate (and ex-wife) Meg White decided that day to play the one-note show, which consisted of one swift bang of the cymbal that would be immediately silenced. (Find info that performance here.)

His “most metaphors” world record was never officially documented due to counting issues, wherein the copious amount of metaphors used were virtually uncountable by Guinness representatives. White spewed out 1,203 metaphors within the first three minutes of the show, and eventually had to forfeit because of, what his website deemed the “trivializ[ation of] a metaphor by saying it too quickly.”

Jack White’s determination will probably get him recognition in the Guinness books at some point, but we’re all left wondering one thing: will this finally be it? Will White, after two previous failed attempts, finally be recognized as a world record holder?

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