J.W. Jones :: ‘Love Times Ten’

JWJones-BelmontBlvdOkay, I am going to be completely honest… ‘Love Times Ten’,  the latest release by J.W. Jones is, personally speaking, not really my cup of tea. With that being said, this lively little number is not without its merits.

Although Jones is universally known as a bluesman, this particular number has an undeniable “new country” aesthetic. From the straightforward rock-a-billy style riff to the slightly gimmicky chorus, ‘Love Times Ten’ sounds like it could pack a sweaty dance floor at your local country bar with the best of them. Lyrically, Jones doesn’t stray far from the boundaries of the country genre with an abundance of one-liners and various plays on words.

Jones is an accomplished guitarist who is renowned for his high-energy live show, where perhaps this song would feel more at home. It is unfortunate that this particular recording isn’t the ideal platform to showcase either of Jones’ greatest strengths, his guitarmanship or the energy of his live presence, which may leave the song without a lot of traction to turn new listeners into fans.

‘Love Times Ten’ is on Jones’ upcoming LP Belmont Boulevard.  Available October 7 in Canada and October 14 in the U.S.

Catch J.W. Jones on his North American Tour.

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