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DLV-1Last week, I had the honour of taking in the Indie Week semi-finals at Tota Lounge in Toronto. The showcase featured Toronto-based electrorockers DLV, who would go on to win the night, and hip hop acts Zolo, Philly Moves, and Goliath Paw.

DLV frontwoman and lead vocalist started the band’s set from behind the crowd, and frequently jumped into and out of it throughout the show. Their energy was undeniable and they certainly got the audience excited.

Musically, DLV manages to seamlessly blend all kinds of influences into their main electro-rock sound. The lead vocals are strong and the backing vocals add to them in the most perfect way. The group threw a crazy guitar solo into their set, though I would have loved to hear more.

DLV-2Finally, DLV’s stand-apart was their DJ, who acted in lieu of a drummer. In effect, he served as the backbone to the band, providing the beats and musical details that prevented the group from being just another rock act.

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