Grimes :: ‘Go’

GrimesBritish Columbia’s Grimes release the first bit of new music in almost two years last week, and the response was quite divided.

‘Go’, which was originally written Rihanna, is more radio- and EDM-friendly thank 2012’s Visions. Grime’s child-like coos only peak through the beat-heavy track, which dives into a parade of sound.

The lyrics are still cryptically simple. At the start of the track, Grimes sings in her throaty and echoey whisper:  “Things they feel like memories / When I dream of you / Time won’t say / It’ll stretch itself off from the minutes and days”. Interludes of long, punchy techno rhythms pierce through the lyrical verses, balancing the song and providing a stark contrast, all at once.

Based on the comments from Grimes’ SoundCloud page, some fans absolutely abhor the sound, while others are excited at the artist’s transition. With ‘Go’, Grimes proves she’s not a niche DJ nor a one-trick pony. Sure, the song isn’t much like what we expected, but doesn’t the pleasantly unexpected perfectly sum Grimes up?

Grimes-GoPlus, the track features Blood Diamond, a Los Angeles-based DJ whose pop-techno sensibilities are an obvious source of inspiration. Grimes and Blood Diamond have collaborated previously, most notably on 2012’s ‘Phone Sex’.

In a press release, Grimes discussed the track – “It’s our summer jam,” she wrote, ” so we figured we should put it our cuz I am very bored of waiting to finish my album b4 releasing new music haha.” Grimes, who debuted the song during a set at the Governors Ball festival in New York on June 6 (watch a video of that performance, and the unreal light show that accompanied it, here []), also released some new promotional photos, taken by her brother Mac Boucher.

The album that Grimes points to doesn’t have an official release date yet, but Grimes will be making a few tour stops, including a spot at the Time Festival in Toronto on July 19.

For more on Grimes, visit her website.



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